The structure and legal framework of our organisation

The General Board is the highest governing body of our organization. It meets once a year and can be called for extraordinary meetings.

The Governing Board, consisting of thirteen members, is the board of directors.  Every four years ordinary elections are held to elect new members.  This board meets on a monthly basis.

A Permanent Council, consisting of the dean, the subdean, the secretary, the vice-secretary, the treasurer and the auditor, operates between the General and Governing boards.

The Col·legi de Llicenciats en Lletres i en Ciències de Catalunya (CDL) is a public corporation with its own legal status and full powers to achieve its objectives.  Its legal status is regulated by its statutes, as approved by the Department of Justice of the Generalitat, the autonomous government of Catalonia.

It should be stressed that the CDL is a private institution with a public role, as corroborated by ruling 20/1988 of the Constitutional Tribunal on 18 February 1988.  The authorities can therefore ask for the collaboration of the CDL through the formal delegation of certain administrative functions.