Project : Global Education in European School Promoting Entrepreneurship (GEESE)

The GEESE pilot project is a response to the challenges of developing an entrepreneurial spirit in international students. It aims to reinforce ongoing efforts supported by the European Union to devise a strategy for achieving urban growth in a "smart " sense for its metropolitan city-regions or for its rural-villages.

GEESE Network consists of a consortium of universities, businesses and enterprises, education ministries, and the community of compulsory education including primary/secondary teachers, and principals, that aim to build transversal, entrepreneurial skills at the basic primary and secondary levels of compulsory education. The project centres around knowledge building, partnering classes in primary and secondary schools, and the creation of Hubs of Innovation.

The GEESE project was designed as a pedagogical concept to combine two crucial concepts:

  • Entrepreneurship skills and work integrated with basic regular competencies at the primary and secondary compulsory levels of education.
  • Global education to prepare people to cope with increased knowledge, technological developments and improved, creative ideas for a different workforce. 

The GEESE project focuses on Smart Cities (or rural villages) in the first year, Smart Schools in year two, and Smart Businesses and Enterprises in the third year.

Tutors and pupils at the School Merce Rodoreda Colourful classroom at Merce Rodoreda increase the creativity among children Posters showing how the Knowledge Forum works, prepared by students at St Paul Apostol School in Tarragona

Kids working with different resources for the project about smart cities at ST Paul Apostol  School. Arrangement of the tables makes it easier for collaboration Collaboration between students and teachers is the key in order to achieve a success. This group of children is working with the resources from the internet Writing down the ideas and discussing them in order to improve them is one of the learning goals of the project

Sheets in different colours will help to share and group the information Cooperation between students helps to build up ideas. Using different types of resources enriches the process of learning Writing down the ideas and discussing them