About us

Our mission

The mission of our organization is to represent and defend the professional interests of our members.

Teachers make up the great majority of our members, as we are the association of teaching professionals.

But our membership includes a wide range of different groups:

  • College graduates working in the field of publishing (editors, proofreaders, translators, etc.)
  • Archaeologists.
  • Degree-holders working in the area of museums and the arts in general (museologists, curators, expositions, etc.).
  • Interpreters and translators.
  • Teacher educators and school psychologists.
  • Culture and arts administrators.

Therefore, the guiding purpose of our activities is to represent and defend these professional interests.

Above all, we seek to attain the social and economic dignity of our graduate professionals in various ways, whether by organizing graduate training courses and other activities, or appearing before administrations, institutions, and tribunals in our legal capacity as party to any lawsuits affecting our professional interests.