International expertise

Olympic Games Barcelona 1992

Leadership and management of the Olympic Volunteers Program at COOB 92 SA

From September 1989 to September 1992

It was a complex project covering the enrolment, selection and training of the 3,000 Olympic volunteers who welcomed the Olympic Family members and provided them with the necessary linguistic support during the Games.

We designed an organisational structure that enabled us to manage the work of the volunteers who had to welcome and assist public figures, as well as the different national delegations located at the Olympic Village and other support or competition units.

We must stress that there were 130 international Olympic volunteers, who were translation and interpretation students coming from 17 European universities. We signed a partnership agreement with the EU Erasmus programme so that the students participating in it could provide this voluntary service.

We signed a cooperation agreement with the UAB School of Translators and Interpreters and the following universities:

Rijksuniversiteit Gent, Universität des Saarlandes,  Wolverhampton Polytechnic, Karl Marx Universität Leipzig, Université Paris 7, Bristol Polytechnic, Universität Hildesheim, University of Salford        Handelshojskolen Kobenhavn, Universitet i Oslo, University of Swansea, Dublin City University, Université Rennes 2- Haute Bretagne, Université de Mulhouse, Università degli Studi di Trieste
Universida Eötvös Lórand Budapest, Universytet Jagiellonski Krakowie   

All international volunteers stayed for a month at a school turned into a dormitory. We controlled and managed this transformation process before and during the operational phase.D