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Report: Teacher Quality, a Key Factor for Education

One of the main purposes of our organisation is to ensure the initial and continuing training of its members.

Moreover, as a leading member of the educational community, it shares the social demands for a better education, as well as the general consensus that the improvement of education quality can be achieved only through teacher excellence.

In order to achieve such excellence, the candidates to enter the teaching profession should have a number of personal qualities and social and professional skills that the authorities should demand with the same strictness they apply in the case of other professions that may endanger the health and safety of the people. The schooling of younger people should be protected by authorities with the same care and controls they use for the above-mentioned professions.

In this paper our organisation wants to put into words a series of considerations on initial teacher training, always stated in general terms. If the authorities put them into practice, they should do so with the utmost caution, possibly with the assistance of specific committees in which the CDL would be willing to participate, and they should always take care not to create new rigid regulations that might end up being counterproductive.

The full contents of this report are available in Catalan and in Spanish,