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History of the Centre for European and International Projects

Since the first democratic board of Col·legi, chaired by Ramon Fuster Rabes (president from 1969 until 1976), our organization carried out a number of teacher training activities, disseminating them in Europe and the world; we also introduce the newest international trends developed in the field in Catalonia.

The Association for Teacher Education in Europe ( ATEE ) was founded  in 1975. Two of its founding members, doctor Francine Vaniscotte, professor of former Parisian l´Ecole Normal and Mario Reguzzoni, creator of the democratic movement in Italy ´´School and Society´´, led seminars on teaching innovations at our organisation. Relationship built to the active membership of Col·legi in ATEE from 1984 until today. In the late 80s, the reflection-action was initiated by the Association with quarterly seminars led by Professor George Chadwick, from the College of Education in London. At the same time, a group of our Board members (Josefina Cambra - current President of the Col·legi -, Mireia Montane, Teresa Ferrer, Anna Ruiz, Jesus Bonals, Immaculate Bordas - all of them are members of our Board) attended several ATEE annual conferences across Europe, where they presented the projects and activities carried out by the Col·legi, such as : different sorts of teacher training in schools, research, reflection on teaching practices, first European networks, international online teacher training, teachers evaluation and, more recently, lifelong learning program based on the analysis of work environments and participation in international training virtual networks.

At the same time, the Col·legi created  its European Centre, later transformed into Centre for European and International Projects, to spread  European educational policies among our members European, in particular, the European programs: Comenius teacher training, Leonardo and Erasmus. The Colegio organized the first European pilot training module for secondary teachers ( RIF, Réseaux of Institutions de Formation d' Enseignants in Europe (1990-1993 ) funded by the European Commission). Afterwards, we participated in other training projects in Europe i.e.: " The European dimension in secondary education",  "The European dimension in Secondary Education for teachers and teachers Educators (1993 ) ", "Regions of Europe and the Europe of the Regions ( 1995 ) ", "Connect" ( 1998 ) European networks of teachers, and " EVAC " on the evaluation of teachers. Each of these programs was the subject of several publications funded by the European Commission as well by the Col·legi.

The College has organized two ATEE´s annual conferences, the first in 1988, on " The professional development of teachers in a changing society", and the second in 2000 on " Teacher’s education and comprehensive cooperation, a way for life - long learning ".Both were very successful in terms of local and international participation.

Apart from being involved in the design of European education policies, our organisation decided to create a wide-world network in this globalised era. This promoted the creation of the World Federation of Teacher Training (World Federation of Associations of Teacher Education, WFATE) and the collaboration with currently leading institutions in education and teacher´s training in Quebec, Toronto, United States, Hong Kong and Finland.

Dr. Mireia Montane, Board member of our organisation is currently the director of the Centre for European and International Projects. She has been president of the ATEE ( 1995-1998 ) and on behalf of the College, member of the Scientific Committee and the Committee of Directors of ATEE from 1989-1994 and from 2002-2009. She is currently the director of the Research and Development Centre on Global Education at ATEE. She is a member and representative of our organisation and the ATEE in the Board of Directors of the World Federation of Teacher Trainers (World Federation of Associations of Teacher Education: Building a global community of teacher Educators, WFATE). WFATE was founded in Virginia, USA in 2001 and its bylaws were approved in 2011. During CSCL Conference, held in July 2011 at Hong Kong University´s Centre for Information Technology in Education ( CITE ) she also represented the Col·legi in presenting the research on the innovation in teachers training with an international dimension that has been carried out by Col·legi in Catalunya( Knowledge Building International Project, KBIP ).

Relationship of the College with the Association for Teacher Education in Europe (ATEE)

The College is one of the first institutional members of the ATEE (since 1984), and its representative- Mireia Montane chaired the organization from 1995-1998, and has been a part of the Board of Directors and Scientific Committee from 1989 to 1994 and from 2002-2009.

Now the Col·legi is responsible for the Research and Development Centre on Global Education at ATEE, and our members: Mireia Montane, Nuria Batlle, Anna Martin and Isabel Alvarez are in charge of it. The aim of this centre is to create an international community of teacher and educators in order to promote meetings, exchanges and cooperation with the goal of improving the quality of education. In relation to this subject, several platforms were created around other themes. Through these, educators can share same interests, develop joint projects and prepare joint publications that can be included in the European Journal of teacher Education (EJTE), published by Taylor and Francis. (The EJTE is one of the most prestigious magazines in the education field).

In order to develop a joint research project, the Global Education´s Research and Development Centre holds several meetings during the annual plenary conference in August and during Winter Conferences. Its members attend specific in-person and online meetings during the academic year. Between May 28th and June 2nd, the Global Education´s RDC met at our headquarter in Barcelona, to plan future activities in regard to ATEE´s annual conference held in Riga, from 24 to 28 August 2011.

The ATEE supports different Research and Development Centres, which are seen as the foundation of the association, because educators´ communities distinguish ATEE from other associations in the field of education.

The relationship between Col·legi and the World Federation of Teacher Education (WFATE)

The Col·legi is a founding member of the WFATE and it helped to establish its bylaws, recently approved in Paris, and supported by UNESCO. Dr. Mireia Montane, member of our organisation´s Governing Board and current director of the Centre for European and International Programs of the institution, has been appointed to the Board of Directors of the WFATE, as stated previously. The different associations that make up WFATE meet during the annual conferences in order to prepare biannual conferences on major educational issues of global concern. The next conference will be held in Nairobi, Kenya, in November 2012. The scientific and organisation committees, at local and global level, have already been created.

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