Program 1

Cultural and language immersion in Spanish schools

From October through May

1. Active participation in school life

Chinese students aged 12 through 18 will be fully integrated into the academic activities carried out by schools.

2. Spanish intensive course

• 20 weekly hours through morning lessons.

• Our teaching approach is based on common standards and principles that guarantee you a quality Spanish course.

• Classes are conducted entirely in Spanish and students are given plenty of opportunity to practice the sort of language they are likely to need in and outside the classroom.

• Grammar, vocabulary, reading and writing skills are developed using a wide variety of materials, including published materials, videos, and listening from many sources as well as materials which have been developed by our own teachers.

• We offer different levels.

3. Spanish in action

•  Classes related to practical and cultural aspects of the language (conversation, music, art, museums, etc.).
• Artistic and sporting activities, science and technology labs, etc., depending on demand and schools’ availability.

4. Lodging with Host Families

• Students will live with their classmates and their families so that they can gain first-hand experience of our lifestyle.

• Host families will be selected by the school, which will choose one of those that have shown an interest in hosting a foreign student and sharing their everyday lives with him. Therefore, there will be a close relationship between the school and the host families.

• CDL will appoint a coordinator who can speak Chinese and who will take care to meet all the students’ needs.


• Students will spend the weekends with their host families and will share their activities.

5. Academic certification

Once they have completed the Spanish curse, students will receive  a diploma. They will also receive a report that includes a detailed account of their progress in each linguistic skill.

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