Code of Ethics of the Teaching Profession

One of the most important purposes of our organisation is professional self-regulation implemented through a code of ethics. At a time in which the very existence and viability of official professional associations like ours is being called into question, it is crucial to emphasize the need of an ethical code, which is an inalienable prerogative of our professional organizations and one of their rationales.

We already had a code of ethics drawn up by the General Council of CDL, which was shared by all its members. Nonetheless, our desire for self-government, sanctioned by Catalan law, called for the development of a new code of ethics, which should also update the previously mentioned document. Once the decision was made, a committee was formed to draft a new code of ethics which met the demands of our current society.

The draft prepared by the committee was submitted to the Advisory and Governing Boards, which approved the final text on a session held on 28th September 2011. The considerable length taken by this process was due to the fact that the project was actively discussed within both boards, so that individual members could defend their opinions in order to achieve a consensus text that synthesised all these different views.

We think that the final text is explicit and addresses all the issues that nowadays challenge the teaching profession. We also believe that it is based on universal and permanent ethical principles, which assures it a long life.

The Code of Ethics of the Teaching Profession is available in Catalan and Spanish.