International expertise

Centre for European and International Projects


The Centre for European and International Projects is an important part of Collegi mission. The institution aims to:

  • Build a community of European and worldwide teacher educators and researchers to develop projects of global cooperation.
  • Provide them with professional development opportunities for the enhancement of skills that facilitate the participation in international collaborative projects.
  • Develop a dynamic/motivating platform for discussion related to the basic capacities needed for the 21st Century.
  • Promote dialogue and participation in various international networks
  • Encourage cooperative work and learning from each other’s experience and authentic problems in teacher education.
  • Participate at the development of the World Federation of Associations for Teacher Education (WFATE) and other teacher’s education Association, like ATEE, ATE, ATA, ATEA.
  • Promote the participation of teachers, principals and school board members of Catalan primary and secondary school in International and European Union Projects.

Short history

The Centre was created in 1987 with the aim of disseminating European education policies, especially the teacher training programs Comenius, Leonardo and Erasmus (transformed in 2013 into Erasmus +). From 2004, the centre created global projects that involved countries in North America, Asia, Australia and Africa. 

Learn more about history here.

The current Director of Centre of European and International Projects at Col·legi de Doctors i Llicenciats en Filosofia i Lletres i Ciències de Catalunya is Dr. Maria-Mireia Montané, click here for contact information.


CDL is one of the earliest members of the Association for Teacher Education in Europe (ATEE). It has been part of it since 1987. Later, CDL also joined the Association of Teacher Educators in USA(ATE) and other similar teacher´s education organisations as ATEA and ATA.

It is also one of the founding members of the World Federation of Teacher Education (WFATE). Learn more about associations we are part of here.


The centre coordinates the necessary research that results in developing methodological and practical instruments as well as evaluation tools to enhance the projects. Currently, the Centre is involved in the following projects:

-        COMconèixer

Born in Catalonia, this project enhances the construction and creation of knowledge in a collective and collaborative way in different countries, on the basis of the experience developed in Quebec and Toronto. learn more...


-        Knowledge Building International Project (KBIP)

The goal of knowledge building is to improve ideas and deepen understanding of a topic rather than simply to accomplish a task or complete a project. The focus of participants is on collaboration rather than on conflict.

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-        Global Education in European School Promoting Entrepreneurship (GEESE)

The GEESE pilot project is a response to the challenges of developing an entrepreneurial spirit in international students. It aims to reinforce ongoing efforts supported by the European Union to devise a strategy for achieving urban growth in a "smart” sense for its metropolitan city-regions or for its rural-villages. learn more